Where to Find the Cheapest Wedding Dresses in the US

Are you joining the hype of brides-to-be in finding their wedding dresses? If yes then you are in the right place because we will provide you some top 3 tips where you could find the cheapest wedding dresses in the US.

If you are not smart enough, you can spend more than $3000 just for your own wedding dress. You can actually cut down from this luxury spending and allot the remaining cash you have to other services you need to take care on your wedding day.

affordable wedding dress

If you wanted to score a lower rate wedding gown but still maintain its quality, here are the top places that you should not forget to visit:

Mass retailers
Getting a dress below $1000 for your special day is very possible. All you need to do is find the mass retailers. Mass retailers will drown you with so many options so you do not need to worry of not getting any dress at the end of the day. This is the favorite destination of brides-on-budget because they can save money big time plus the choices are endless.

One best example is the J. Crew. This mass retailer scored huge array of success due to their classic wedding gown collections. Some premium gowns that they have may reach $3000 but you will have plenty of options below the one thousand mark. Visit their bridal boutique to start hunting for your dress. There are multiple retailers out there. For all you know, you have one in near in your area.

Going online
Yes, visiting bridal boutiques are purely fun at first but if you do it everyday, you will say that it is too tiring. One way to check your favorite wedding dress is to go online. Web searching is a very easy thing to do. All you need to is type your own keyword. You also check online stores like BCBG, the Limited, BHLDN and Ann Taylor.

How will you know if you are looking in the right place? Well, as a smart bride, you should among bridal magazine sites. Check their recommended stores and see it for yourself. Browse their designs and compare it with others. Once satisfied, you can have it delivered at your own front door. It will save you from sweating.

Pre-loved wedding dress stores
If you cannot find your dress from mass retailers and online store, maybe it is the right to check among pre-loved wedding dresses stores. These types of providers are one of the major sources of the cheapest wedding dresses in the US Yes, those dresses are being worn by other brides but you can have it cleaned. Besides, if the pre-loved wedding dress is designed by a famous designer, who are you to complain? Grab it because you only get to wear an expensive dress that is being sold to you in almost half the original price. Individual sellers are usually found at Craigslist.

Since you are dealing with the seller directly, you can get lots of discounts. Your only nemesis is if the seller will change her mind so you need to be extra friendly. Aside from private sellers, there are also dedicated stores for pre-owned dresses. You can go ahead and check items being sold at the following sites: Wore It Once, Once Wed, Pre Owned Wedding Dresses and Recycled Bride. You can also find pre-owned bridal dresses from eBay.

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